Get Your Furnace and Fireplace Ready for Winter

With fall here, winter will soon come. Few places see a longer or harsher winter than Colorado, which makes getting your home ready for winter especially important if you live here. We at Front Range Insurance Services have compiled a short list of things you can do to get your house ready for the coming cold.

Servicing Your Home

Before winter comes, and you start turning on the heat regularly, every part of your home’s heating system should be serviced. Specifically, you ought to have a professional:

  • inspect your home’s furnace to ensure it’s suited for another season of use
  • clean out your home’s air ducts, so your furnace can work efficiently
  • clean your home’s chimney if it has one, to reduce the risk of chimney fires

Many homeowners overlook these things. Taking care of them now will help ensure you’re home will be safe and warm all winter long, though.

Insuring Your Home

In addition to servicing your home’s heating system, it’s also a good idea to review your homeowners insurance policy in the fall. If you’ve installed a new wood stove or had a wood-burning fireplace changed to a gas one, you might need to adjust your insurance coverage.

For help seeing whether any new furnace, wood stove or fireplace is covered under your homeowners insurance policy, contact us at Front Range Insurance Services. Even if we didn’t initially help you purchase the policy, our independent insurance agents can review its coverages for you. If it no longer provides the protection you need, they can also help you shop around for a new policy. To reach agents at our office, contact us through our website.