Front Range Insurance Services Celebrates Those Who Give Back

Front Range Insurance Services has been serving the Littleton, Colorado community for over ten years. Jessica Ceriani with her father Donald J. Striplin started the company in 2004. He always taught her the importance of giving back to the community. Donald is a frequent volunteer. Jessica is following along in his footsteps. This father/daughter team is amazing in what they have accomplished together.

Here are some ways to participate in community involvement in Littleton, Colorado:

Volunteer to Help – shows hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Littleton, including fun things like helping the Colorado Wind Ensemble or helping out at the Carson Nature Center.

Help the Littleton City Government – The Bemis Library and Littleton Museum always need some volunteer help. There is also the unique program called the “Snow Squad,” which helps Littleton citizens over the age of sixty by shoveling the snow from their sidewalks when they are not able to do the task themselves.

Help at the Hospital – Littleton Adventist Hospital has plenty of volunteer opportunities. These are especially good for those going into the healthcare field.

Help a Horse in Need – For those who love horses, the place to help by donating money or by volunteering is the Zumas Rescue Ranch. They rescue abused and neglected horses. They bring them back to good health. They have a wonderful program working the horses with children that have learning disabilities and other problems.

Help Pandas – Littleton is the home of Pandas International, an organization dedicated to help preserve Pandas.

Therapy Animals – Denver Pet Partners takes therapy animals into hospitals to improve patients’ emotional well-being and speed recovery.

There are so many wonderful opportunities to get involved in community service in Littleton. Front Range Insurance Services has a great deal of admiration for those doing volunteer work. We feel that helping others with kindness, including with their insurance coverage, is our mission. Please contact us for any insurance needs.