Types of recreational insurance in Littleton, CO

Recreational vehicles are not "one size fits all." Your insurance shouldn’t be either.

Front Range Insurance Services knows that recreational insurance should be as personalized as your ride itself. Serving Littleton, CO, the agency can create a policy that best meets your needs and keeps you protected.

Below, Front Range Insurance Services and their experts explain three different types of motorhomes in order to find the right coverage for you.

Fifth Wheels & Trailers

"Pull behind" recreational vehicles don’t have motors. For this reason, towable campers, trailers, and RVs are usually less expensive to insure. But this means that protection is limited too. Even if you choose full coverage, most accidents and other on-the-road incidents are excluded. These would be included under the towing vehicle’s insurance policy instead.


Not all recreational vehicles are created equal. Motorhomes are usually placed into one of three categories, depending on size, cost, and amenities. Yet it doesn’t matter whether your RV is Class A, B, or C, motorhomes require the same coverage as any other vehicle on the road. In Colorado, this includes liability and property damage insurance at a minimum.


Anyone that lives in a recreational vehicle is considered a "full-timer." This classification calls for a specific type of insurance. These insurance plans are more comparable to renters’ or homeowners’ policies. If your belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen, these protections kick in. Loss of use is equally important. If you are forced to temporarily relocate, this may reimburse some of the added expenses you incur.

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