Get a Winter Emergency Kit Ready for Your Car

Few places in the United States see winters as harsh as Littleton, CO. If you’ll be driving in the area during the coldest months of the year, make sure you’re prepared for the snow and ice. Most people in Colorado know to put together an emergency kit for their car in the winter, but few stop to think about how they should adjust their auto insurance coverage for the season. At Front Range Insurance Services, we recommend doing both.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

In Colorado, drivers not only need to deal with bitter cold, but also heavy snowfall and slippery ice. Your emergency kit should have stuff to keep you warm and equipment to help you out of a ditch. You may want to include the following in it:

  • winter boots
  • a winter hat and gloves
  • a blanket
  • a shovel
  • cat litter

If your car’s wheels can’t get traction in a slippery spot, putting some litter down may provide enough grip to get your car moving. If you don’t need the litter during the winter, you can either use it for your cats or donate it to a shelter once spring arrives.

Adjust Your Insurance Coverages

Because driving conditions are often difficult during winter, the likelihood of being in an accident increases during the season. You might want to adjust your auto insurance coverage to compensate for the increased risk. For instance, even if you don’t normally carry comprehensive and collision coverage, they may provide valuable protection during the winter.

If you’d like to discuss which insurance coverages you should have during winter with an insurance agent, contact us at Front Range Insurance Services. Our experienced agents will ask about your car and your driving habits with you, which will help you decide what coverages to include in a policy. To get in touch with them, contact us through our website.