Will Recreational Insurance Cover Your Mobile Home In Another State?

Camping in a motorhome is a fun and exciting activity for a broad range of Littleton, CO residents. However, it is essential to know if your recreational insurance will protect you when you travel to another state. That’s why we at Front Range Insurance Services are providing this brief, but detailed, look at this subject.

Policies Define Your “Insured” Area To Protect Your Rights

motorhome must be parked in an area defined as an insured area by the policy. In most cases, this area is anywhere that the motorhome is parked and used as a temporary home. Specific sites included a defined campsite, a parking site, a vacant property, or the radius of 25 feet around the camper when parked legally on a public or private property. Except for the last location, all other areas must be either owned or rented by you while you are camping there for your insurance to cover you.

Liability Coverage Should Kick In For You

As long as your motorhome is parked in an insured area, it doesn’t matter what state you are visiting. Your insurance policy will cover a broad variety of problems, including fire, lightning, explosions, attempted burglary, animal damage, wind damage, food spoilage, debris removal, and more. The extent of this coverage will vary depending on your policy. However, the moment your motorhome starts moving, your coverage will shift.

Limitations May Apply When In Transit

The interesting thing about a mobile home is that your recreational insurance policy will not cover any damages occurred while your vehicle is in transit. That’s because it has changed from a living unit into a personal vehicle. However, your vehicle insurance for the motorhome should help protect you from any damages or injuries. Make sure to check your policy to ensure that you are fully covered in these events.

Avoiding Complications With Your Coverage

Those who live in Littleton, CO who plan on traveling in a motorhome should contact us at Front Range Insurance Services to learn more about this type of coverage. We will work hard to make sure you get the policies that you need to stay safe.