New Home Inspections Explained

If you’re buying your first new home in the Littleton, CO area, you may be curious about the home inspection to come.  The inspection time may be the longest time you’ve spent in your new home since the showing, and while it’s exciting, it’s also followed by anxiety.  This quick guide will help explain the home inspection process.

The Inspection Purpose

The home inspector is for your protection.  The inspection is to help make sure there is nothing hidden before you commit to buying the home.  The inspector will identify any reasonably discoverable issues with the house.  First, the inspector reviews the seller’s property disclosure statement, which is the list of things the seller is aware of and has shared.  Then the inspection happens.  It’s best if you are there for the inspection.  The inspector will look to identify any problems, suggest fixes, and give a rough estimate of repair costs.

What’s Inspected

Inspectors look for evidence of roof leaks, foundation damage, electrical problems, pest infestation, mold, and other possible problems.  They look for issues that can create safety issues and be costly to repair.  Keep in mind that an inspector’s examination will be what they can see with the naked eye.  They will dig around some but not extensively.  It’s also good to be aware of the things they don’t routinely inspect, such as swimming pools, wells, septic systems, or structural engineering.  Fireplaces and chimneys will receive a basic check to see that the dampers work and the chimney’s free of obstruction.

Front Range Insurance Services

Front Range Insurance Services provides insurance coverage in the Littleton, CO area.  They want to help make sure you’re an informed first time home buyer.  Contact a friendly Front Range agent today to discuss your new homeowner’s insurance needs.