5 Techniques to Avoid Road Rage

Managing your anger may not be easy with all of the aggressive drivers on the road. Road rage can lead to accidents, physical violence, and even death. Taming road rage is the first step to resolving conflicts. With the following techniques, your ride can be a much safer one.

1. Plan Your Drive In Advance

Leave your home or office a few minutes earlier or later to miss rush hour traffic. Standing in bumper-to-bumper traffic can cause tempers to rise. This could lead to aggressive driving and road rage.

2. Handle Tailgaters with Caution

When someone is following you too closely, resist the urge to slow down even further. This will aggravate the other driver and possibly start a conflict. You should move over into an adjacent lane when you notice a tailgater and let them pass.

3. Ignore Erratic Behavior

Don’t assume another person’s driving is about you. Just because they cut you off, does not mean that they knew what they were doing. They may be distracted or oblivious. Slow down, take a breath, and proceed with caution. If they are flying down the highway, allow them to get in front of you and reduce your speed until they are out of sight.

4. Following Behind Slow-Pokes

Even if you are not in a hurry, there always tends to be a slower driver that gets right in front of you. You should keep at least one car length in front of you in case they stop suddenly. Try moving into another lane or take an alternative route.

5. Parking Space Fights

You got there first, but another driver swoops in and takes your spot. It’s okay to let them have it. There is probably a parking space a few feet away. Take a deep breath and don’t confront the driver. They may have a weapon.

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