What Does Your Home Need in the Fall?

Here at Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO, we know the importance of getting your home ready for the winter.  As such, we have devised a short checklist of things that you need to do to keep your home protected in the colder months.

You might not think about this, but caring for your shrubs and trees is an important aspect of winterizing your home.  They need to be properly pruned to avoid any limbs or entire trees from falling during winter storms.

Rake the leaves and get them off the ground.  While they might appear to be beautiful, they can inhibit growth in the spring.

Clean your down spouts and gutters.  DO this after most of the leaves have hit the ground.  During rain or snow storms, gutters that are clogged can lead to water and/or snow piling up and this can damage your siding and/or roof.

Make any necessary exterior repairs.  Walk around your home and look for signs of damage to things like the foundation, siding and roof.  If you spot any issues, make sure to get these taken care of before the cold weather hits.

Check outside your home for even the tiniest of gaps.  Mice are tiny critters and they get cold too.  They will take advantage of any accessible gaps to create a nice, warm place for themselves.  If you find any gaps, make sure to fill them before it gets cold.

Check your driveway and any stairs, railings and walkways for winter safety.  When everything is snow covered, just walking from the car to the door can be a challenge.  Make sure the drive is in good shape for easier shoveling and any stairs or walkways are even and the railways are sturdy enough to get a good grip on in case of a slip.