What kinds of businesses need commercial insurance?

Having commercial insurance is always a good idea for any business. There is always the possibility of accidents, lawsuits, theft, damaged goods or products, and other losses based on the specific line of work and industry. A commercial insurance policy is sometimes the only way for a business to receive the kind of financial protection it needs to handle these problems and continue operations. Here are a few types of businesses that can benefit from a policy provided by Front Range Insurance Services in the Littleton, CO area.  

Businesses that have vehicles and drivers

Companies with workers who drive cars or trucks should have commercial insurance. Motor vehicle accidents are a common problem, and this is why general liability insurance is always required for drivers. If the company deals with shipping large orders in semi trucks or other large vehicles, these accidents can be especially devastating. 

Any business that has a property or retail space

Businesses are generally liable for any accidents or injuries in the spaces they own and operate. This includes warehouses where workers can sustain injuries or retail spaces where customers can potentially get hurt. A commercial insurance policy can help pay for the person’s injuries if a lawsuit arises. 

Professional services

Professionals, from lawyers to accountants to doctors, are all exposed to liability. This can be due to mistakes, malpractice, or other types of harm sustained by anyone who has used the services of the individual or firm. 

Getting started with a commercial insurance policy

People in the Littleton, CO area who need more information about commercial insurance can contact Front Range Insurance Services through this website or by phone. Our agents are available to answer any additional questions and set up a policy that is right for any business.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Home Insurance

Buying home insurance for the first time can be challenging. There are so many different factors to consider and options to choose from. It’s essential to research and ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your needs. Here are five things you need to know before buying home insurance.

1. You Need to Choose the Right Amount of Coverage

One of the most important aspects of home insurance is choosing the right amount of coverage. You don’t want to underinsure your home, but you also don’t want to overspend on the coverage you don’t need. Work with your insurance agent to determine the right coverage for your needs.

2. It Protects Against a Variety of Perils

Home insurance protects against various perils, including fire, theft, vandalism, and weather damage. Choosing a policy that covers all of the perils you are concerned about is important. Otherwise, you could be left unprotected in the event of a claim.

3. The Cost Depends on a Variety of Factors

The cost of home insurance depends on various factors, including the value of your home, the amount of coverage you need, and the deductible you are willing to pay. You can get quotes from several insurers to find the best rate for your coverage.

4. It Requires Regular Maintenance

Home insurance is not a static product. To keep your coverage in force, you must maintain your policy and keep up with your payments. If you make any changes to your home, such as adding a new roof or renovating your kitchen, you will need to notify your insurer and update your policy.

5. It’s Not Required by Law

Although home insurance is not required by law, you may be required to have it if you have a mortgage on your home. If you do not have a mortgage, you are still strongly encouraged to purchase a policy. This is because home insurance provides financial protection in a disaster.

Home Insurance in Littleton, CO 

If you are considering buying home insurance, keep these five things in mind. By doing so, you can be sure that you are getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Contact Front Range Insurance Services today for more information or a quote. Our team of experts would be happy to help you find the perfect policy for your needs.

Required Auto Insurance in Colorado

In Colorado, it is required to have auto insurance unless you own more than 25 vehicles and wish to self-insure them. For everyone else, specific types of coverage are required for Colorado vehicles. If you need insurance for your vehicle, give us a call now at Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO.

Liability Coverage

The required types of coverage in the state are all types of liability coverages. This pays for damages to property or people in an accident, when you are at fault. A specific amount is required by law for your bodily injury or death coverage for one person injured or killed in an accident. A second, higher amount of coverage is required for all injured parties in the accident. There is also an amount of property damage liability coverage that is required. This pays for the damage done to other vehicles, buildings, plants, etc., caused by your vehicle. 

The amount of these requirements are relatively low compared to many other states. However, these amounts are only the minimum required coverage. You can choose to raise the amount so that you are better protected, and this is generally recommended for those in Colorado. 

Other Coverage Types

While liability is all required by law, there are other types of coverage that you can get for auto insurance that will give you different types of protection. Liability doesn’t pay for damages to your own vehicle, and this can leave you in a financial mess after an accident. Getting collision and comprehensive coverage will pay for your own damages so that you can get the repairs or new car you need. 

Cover Your Vehicle

Having at least your required auto coverage is essential to stay legal. Call us at Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO to find out more. 

Do I need to be a business owner to purchase umbrella insurance?

Our team at Front Range Insurance Services is committed to helping our Littleton, CO customers understand how various types of insurance work. This includes umbrella insurance. Many customers may not fully understand this type of insurance. Fortunately, umbrella insurance is available to non-business owners and business owners and can provide an extra layer of coverage. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is backup or extra insurance that provides coverage beyond your primary insurance. In short, it covers incidents that go beyond the scope of your primary insurance and incidents that aren’t covered by your primary insurance. This type of insurance also provides coverage for property damage, injuries, personal liability situations, and lawsuits. Coverage for umbrella insurance typically starts at one million dollars.

What’s Required to Obtain Umbrella Insurance?

You don’t have to be a business owner to qualify for umbrella insurance. However, you do have to carry liability insurance in general, employer, or commercial auto insurance. These types of coverage are required to qualify for umbrella insurance. In short, you must carry a minimum amount of auto/property liability insurance before you’re eligible for umbrella insurance. Carrying homeowners insurance can also qualify you for umbrella insurance. 

However, keep in mind that having all the qualifying coverage from your primary insurance policy or policies doesn’t automatically give you access to umbrella insurance. If an insurance company considers you a risk, they can deny you umbrella insurance. If you have questions about umbrella insurance, give us a call. Our Front Range Insurance Services team would be happy to answer all of your questions. We’re standing by.

When are you legally required to buy flood insurance?

When you buy a home in Littleton, CO that lies within a flood zone marked A or V, you legally must purchase flood insurance. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps flood risk throughout the US and identifies properties as falling within one of 18 flood zones.

You don’t have to study a map to determine which zone your property lies within. Your home purchase documents identify the property as a flood risk if it sits in zone A or V.

Your bank will typically require you to purchase a flood insurance policy before moving into your new home. Although legally, once you pay off your mortgage, you could drop your flood coverage, Front Range Insurance Services encourages you not to do so.

Floods happen every day throughout the US. The average flood cost per homeowner is $43,000. That’s what it costs to repair the water damage, rebuild and replace furniture, clothes, and other home contents. If you don’t want to spend $43,000 to replace nearly everything you own, keeping the flood insurance after paying off your mortgage makes good sense.

As long as your bank or other lending institution holds Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage, you must carry a flood insurance policy if your property falls within a high-risk flood zone, just as it will require homeowners’ insurance.

Contact Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO, about getting flood insurance for your home or business. Ask us about contents only or structure only coverage if you rent your domicile or offer your home for rent. Let us help you get the coverage you need to meet the law’s requirements and protect your financial investment.

Types of recreational insurance in Littleton, CO

Recreational vehicles are not "one size fits all." Your insurance shouldn’t be either.

Front Range Insurance Services knows that recreational insurance should be as personalized as your ride itself. Serving Littleton, CO, the agency can create a policy that best meets your needs and keeps you protected.

Below, Front Range Insurance Services and their experts explain three different types of motorhomes in order to find the right coverage for you.

Fifth Wheels & Trailers

"Pull behind" recreational vehicles don’t have motors. For this reason, towable campers, trailers, and RVs are usually less expensive to insure. But this means that protection is limited too. Even if you choose full coverage, most accidents and other on-the-road incidents are excluded. These would be included under the towing vehicle’s insurance policy instead.


Not all recreational vehicles are created equal. Motorhomes are usually placed into one of three categories, depending on size, cost, and amenities. Yet it doesn’t matter whether your RV is Class A, B, or C, motorhomes require the same coverage as any other vehicle on the road. In Colorado, this includes liability and property damage insurance at a minimum.


Anyone that lives in a recreational vehicle is considered a "full-timer." This classification calls for a specific type of insurance. These insurance plans are more comparable to renters’ or homeowners’ policies. If your belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen, these protections kick in. Loss of use is equally important. If you are forced to temporarily relocate, this may reimburse some of the added expenses you incur.

Consult an agent serving Littleton, CO

Front Range Insurance Services know that you need the right coverage before you hit the open road. Luckily, their professional agents can find a policy to ensure you’re protected. Schedule an appointment today.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Though you may not be required to have boat insurance, the truth is that anything can happen. It might be a good idea to protect yourself (and your boat) in case you are involved in an accident. 

So, what does boat insurance cover? 

Boat insurance property coverage will help you pay for any damages (or replace your boat) if you are involved in an accident. It will also help if your boat is stolen. In fact, boat property insurance coverage will cover your boat, whether in or out of water. 

When buying boat insurance, you can choose two options. You may want to get paid for the actual cash value. This will take depreciation into account. You may also want an agreed amount of coverage, which is when you and the insurance company can agree on a value for your boat. 

Liability coverage covers liability. This will cover any damage that you may cause to someone’s boat or their property. 

Medical payment coverage will cover any injuries that may occur on your boat. It will pay the medical bills of anyone who was injured while they were on your boat. 

Uninsured watercraft coverage will help you if you are in an accident with someone who didn’t have insurance on their boat. This will help you pay your medical bills, along with the cost of repairing your boat. 

Though you may want to save some money by not getting insurance, the truth is that you could end up spending thousands of dollars if you are in an accident on your boat. 

If you are considering insurance for your boat, you should contact us at Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO. 

Motorcycle Insurance: How Does It Work?

If you own a motorcycle, it is imperative to have motorcycle insurance. Most states require this kind of insurance coverage, so you’re protected while riding and in case your bike is ever stolen. Here is what you need to know about how motorcycle insurance works from Front Range Insurance Services, serving Littleton, CO.

What Is Covered by Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance includes a few different types of coverage, including liability, comprehensive, and personal injury. This coverage will protect you against damage and injury while riding, medical expenses if you’re involved in an accident, and against theft. 

It is not uncommon for some bikers to also purchase uninsured motorist and collision coverage. This will cover any costs associated with damage or injuries caused by another driver without sufficient protection or a collision.

How to Make Sure You Have Appropriate Coverage

As a general rule, if your state requires motorcycle insurance, it means you are required to have liability coverage. Coverage outside of this is usually optional, yet recommended. Due to the fact that you are more likely to suffer a serious injury on a motorcycle, personal injury protection should at least be considered.

Collision and comprehensive insurance is something else to consider, especially if you ride your bike on a regular basis. This simply ensures you are sufficiently protected in the event of an accident. As you select your deductible, keep in mind your potential out-of-pocket expenses to ensure you don’t find yourself in a financial bind if an accident occurs. 

If you need help determining the most appropriate motorcycle insurance policy for you and your bike, reach out to the team at Front Range Insurance Services, serving Littleton, CO.

Optional add-ons to a Littleton, CO recreational insurance policy

Your RV is special to you. Your recreational insurance should be just as personalized.

Most recreational insurance policies include similar features. Collision, liability, and personal property protection are all typically standard. However, you can customize these plans to suit your needs.

Front Range Insurance Services wants to help keep you on the road by finding you an individualized, personal plan. Serving Littleton, CO, the agency wheels out five common optional coverage types you can add on to any recreational insurance.

Roadside assistance

If a breakdown does occur, towing an RV is much more difficult than a traditional car. For this reason, roadside assistance can be invaluable. This coverage can also help with smaller issues, like fixing flat tires and locksmith services.

Emergency expenses

Similarly, you may incur some increased costs if you get stranded. Emergency expense policies will reimburse you for these. This could include meals, hotels, and additional travel.

Personal attachment protection

Personal property coverage is typical in most recreational insurance policies, protecting belongings inside the vehicle. By contrast, personal attachment addresses personal items outside the RV, such as awnings and satellite dishes.

Storage coverage

Make sure you’re covered even when your RV isn’t in use. This isn’t often necessary for full-timers. The policies mostly affect owners who use their RV for vacations only.

Residential liability

Accidents can occur when you’re stopped too. This version of liability specifically accounts for any incidents that may happen while you’re stationary or stopped at a destination. Available in recreational or full-time coverage, this kicks in if you are determined to be at fault.

Contact Front Range Insurance Services

Finding the right recreational insurance should be personal. Located in Littleton, CO, Front Range Insurance Services understands the importance of a plan that’s unique to you. Schedule an appointment today.

What Type of Coverage to Get for Your Watercraft

Do you need to get insurance for your watercraft? You’d do well to learn about the different types of insurance policies that are available for boats and other watercraft. An expert from Front Range Insurance Services of the Littleton CO area will help you figure out what you need and make some decisions. 

Choosing the Right Coverage for Your Needs 

There are several boat/watercraft insurance types from which you can choose. You may want to go beyond the basics for something that’s a bit more extensive in terms of what it covers. 

  • Watercraft liability coverage – This provides you with protection when it comes to medical costs, replacement or repair costs, a loss of income, and expenses towards a funeral if there’s a serious accident. 
  • Property coverage – If your boat is docked and becomes damaged after someone hits it, or you are involved in an accident with a boat or something else on the water, this covers the cost of damages. 
  • Emergency services coverage – This repays up to $100 in the event you need towing, delivery (of a battery, oil, or fuel), or any mechanical labor services. 
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage – This allows you to pay for any insurance that you or someone else on your boat receive after you’re in an accident with a boater who doesn’t have insurance. 
  • Watercraft medical payments coverage – When you have this coverage, it pays a portion of medical costs and funeral expenses if someone has an accident and is injured on your boat. 

There are other categories of boat/watercraft insurance that you can get. Reach out to Front Range Insurance Services of the greater Littleton, CO area so you can learn more today.