Three Things To Ask Your Agent About Life Insurance Policies

Your life is something to not take for granted, but what happens when you’re gone is an unknown—especially without a solid life insurance policy in place. However, this type of insurance can be tricky, but our agents at Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO can help you find the best options. Here are three key questions to ask before signing up.

1. What Type of Insurance Should I Get?

Your agent will explain what type of life insurance policies are available to help you choose the best one for your ultimate goals. Our mission is to ensure your beneficiaries and final expenses don’t become an impediment after your passing. For starters, there are two primary types of life insurance: term life and permanent insurance.

Term life insurance covers you for a specific number of years and provides death benefits should you pass while the policy is active. Terms usually range from 10 to 30 years and can provide financial support for family members who rely on your income for essential bills. Permanent life insurance covers you for life as long as premiums are currently paid.

2. How Much Insurance Do I Need?

Ponder critical questions like how much your family will need to maintain their current lifestyle. Remember any debts, mortgage payments, and medical and funeral costs when making this pivotal decision. Our agents can help with estimates during a consultation.

3. Will My Policy Include Living Benefits?

Did you know that life insurance can do more than provide death benefits? Certain policies also provide living benefits that allow you to borrow against the policy’s actual cash value while still alive. These funds can come in handy should you have a terminal illness or need short or long-term care at some point.

Bring Security for your Future With Life Insurance

If you live in the Littleton, CO area, Front Range Insurance Services is your go-to resource for all your insurance needs. We will help you select the policies for life, home, auto, and recreational insurance and can bundle packages to reduce costs. Contact us today to consult with an agent about policy options and rates.

Required Commercial Insurance in Colorado

When you own a Colorado business, you may need several commercial insurance types to protect yourself and your business. Not having the right insurance can leave you vulnerable to several expensive risks. Two types of commercial insurance are required for many businesses in the state, and your business may be one of them. It’s essential to have at least the required insurance policies. You may also want additional policies to protect against specific risks. These include online issues that can be covered by cyber insurance. When you own a business in Littleton, CO, call us at Front Range Insurance Services to get started with commercial insurance. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Whether your business is public or private, you must have workers’ compensation insurance. This is true for any number of employees, even if you have only one. Anyone who does work for your business is legally assumed to be your employee. This insurance protects both your employees and you as a business owner. It’s essential to have this insurance because it’s required for compliance and protects you against serious financial risks. If an employee were injured in an accident at work, the policy would pay for the resulting medical bills. This saves your business from having to come up with what could be thousands of dollars or even more. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

When your Colorado business owns a vehicle, you are required to have a commercial auto policy for it. This policy must include bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage in amounts mandated by the state. You can also get additional coverage to pay for damage to your vehicle.

Call Us for Commercial Insurance

To get commercial insurance in Littleton, CO, contact us at Front Range Insurance Services. 

Do I need to carry a home insurance plan when I am in Colorado?

For those in the Littleton, CO area, owning a home has been a good housing option for a long time. When you purchase a property here, you will benefit from long-term value appreciation and a consistent place to live. Along with your home purchase, it is essential that you get insurance as well. It would be best to carry a home insurance plan for many reasons. 

Meet Lender Requirements

One of the reasons you will need to have a home insurance plan in place is to meet your mortgage requirements. If you have taken out a mortgage to buy a home, you need to meet your lender’s requirements. This will often include having home insurance and establishing an escrow for ongoing payment. Home insurance will ensure you remain in good standing with the insurance provisions. 

Protect Assets

It is also important to get home insurance to protect your assets. A home insurance plan gives coverage in many situations when your property could incur severe damage, such as a fire or bad weather. The coverage can also support you to replace some personal items up to the policy limits. Ultimately, this provides ample financial protection as it can reduce your out-of-pocket costs. 

In the Littleton, CO area, it is essential that you get the right insurance for your home. When looking for this type of coverage, it can be a great idea to start by calling us at Front Range Insurance Services. Our Front Range Insurance Services professionals know how important this coverage is and can offer any guidance you need to select a new policy.

Can You Drive Off The Dealership Lot Without Insurance?

If you plan on purchasing a new or used vehicle from a dealership, you’ll need to know the insurance coverage requirements before purchasing. Anyone in or around the Littleton, CO, area can count on Front Range Insurance Services to provide the protection they need to ensure their new purchase is protected.

New Vehicle Insurance Coverage 

When you purchase a new or used vehicle and secure financing to complete the sale, you must provide the dealership and the finance company proof of insurance before leaving the dealership lot. If you buy your vehicle outright with cash, you can leave the dealership, but you risk not being covered while on the road, which is against the law in each state. You must have the minimum state-required coverage required, which is liability coverage. Before you purchase a vehicle, it’s essential to secure the proper Insurance protection from a reliable Insurance agency.

Our team of insurance professionals can help you determine which insurance coverage benefits are the best for your particular situation. If you’ve secured financing, they can help you select the right level of coverage and can provide you with the proof of insurance you need to drive your newly financed vehicle off the lot. We will work with you every step of the way to help you secure insurance policy options that provide peace of mind.

Reach Out to Front Range Insurance Services 

If you’re shopping for a vehicle or have decided which vehicle you want and need to secure adequate coverage, we can help. Front Range Insurance Services is proud to offer reliable insurance protection to the residents in and around the Littleton, CO, area. Call or stop by our location today to schedule a consultation with one of our insurance agents to get answers to questions or to begin shopping for auto insurance.

Umbrella Insurance for High-Net-Worth Individuals in Littleton, CO: Protecting Your Assets

Asset protection is likely a top priority for high-net-worth individuals in Littleton, CO. While you may have various insurance policies in place, there may still be gaps in coverage that could leave you uniquely exposed to financial loss. That’s where umbrella insurance from Front Range Insurance Services comes in.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides additional coverage beyond your primary insurance policies, such as home or auto insurance. It is designed to protect your assets if you are sued for damages exceeding your primary policies’ limits.

Examples of Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella insurance can cover various liability claims, including bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury claims, such as libel or slander. For example, if you own multiple properties, including rental properties, an umbrella insurance policy can provide additional liability protection for potential lawsuits related to injuries sustained on your properties. It can also help cover legal fees and court costs associated with defending against these claims.

Unique Risks for High-Net-Worth Individuals

You may have assets and possessions worth significantly more than the average person. This could include multiple properties, expensive jewelry and artwork collections, high-value vehicles, and more. You may also have a higher profile in your community or profession, making you more vulnerable to lawsuits or reputational damage. In addition, you may have a larger staff to manage your properties or businesses, which could increase your liability in the event of an accident or injury. 

Working with Front Range Insurance Services

We understand the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals. We can work with you to assess your risk and determine the appropriate amount of coverage needed to protect your assets. Contact Front Range Insurance Services today to learn more about our umbrella insurance options and get a quote.

“Three Reasons Flood Insurance is Worth It

Floods can be devastating to both property and people. The costs of repairing or replacing damaged property due to flooding can leave homeowners in financial ruin if they are not adequately covered. Front Range Insurance Services encourages all homeowners in Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas, especially those in high-risk areas, to purchase flood insurance coverage. Here are three reasons why flood insurance is worth your investment:

1. Protect Your Property from Flood Damage 

Flood damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace, depending on the severity and extent of the damage done. Without adequate coverage, repairing the damage from a flood could become an immediate financial burden for homeowners. Having flood insurance allows homeowners to focus on restoring their properties.

2. Knowing You’re Covered in the Event of a Flood

With flood insurance, you can rest assured that you are covered in a natural disaster or another unforeseen event that causes flooding. This peace of mind is invaluable since floods can be unpredictable and cause extensive damage quickly. 

3. Compliance with Lender Requirements for Homeowners in High-Risk Areas

Many lenders require homeowners in high-risk areas to carry adequate flood insurance coverage as part of their loan agreement requirements. Without this coverage, homeowners could default on the loan and potentially face financial penalties or even foreclosure. To avoid these issues, homeowners must purchase flood insurance before closing on a home in a high-risk area.

The Bottom Line

At Front Range Insurance Services, serving Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas, we strive to provide our customers with comprehensive coverage options. With our experienced agents guiding you through the process, you can rest assured your property is protected against flood damage, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered should disaster strike. Contact us with any questions about coverage options you may have today. 

I have a 5th wheel. Do I still need recreational insurance?

As an RV owner, insurance requirements will vary depending on your RV type. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with state laws and talk to an insurance representative to get the coverage you need and want. Our Littleton, CO team at Front Range Insurance Services is committed to helping RV owners get the necessary coverage. 

What is Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance?

RV insurance covers damage or injuries to other people, their property, and vehicles. RV insurance will also cover damage to your recreational vehicle and injuries you may sustain. As with any insurance, you will have options depending on your RV use. Usually, the frequency of use and how it’s used helps determine the best coverage for you. Recreational use versus full-time use is usually a determining factor in the type of coverage you should invest in. 

I have a 5th wheel. Do I still need recreational insurance?

Typically, motorized recreation vehicles require liability insurance because they can be driven like a car. A motorized RV is like a car because it’s a moving vehicle. Colorado requires all motorized RVs to be insured with at least auto/RV liability insurance. However, your 5th wheel must be towed. Although you’re not required to carry RV liability insurance for a 5th wheel, investing in travel trailer insurance may be a good idea because your car’s insurance may not cover damage to your 5th wheel if it’s damaged while being towed. If you have questions regarding the best insurance for your 5th wheel or RV, call us. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions. 

How to Ensure Boating is Safe for The Whole Family

Boating is a lot of fun but can be dangerous. Fortunately, taking the proper safety precautions may significantly mitigate risks and ensure a safe experience for your family. Having adequate safety gear, carrying the right boat insurance, and safe driving practices, among other things, can help. Need boating insurance? Contact Front Range Insurance Services, serving Littleton, CO, and other areas nearby.

Life Jackets Are a Must

Even the best human swimmers are nowhere near as good at swimming as a dolphin or your average fish. We’re land-based animals; our bodies are built for life on land. As a result, it’s also relatively easy for people to drown or end up injured while on the water.

Life jackets can prevent drowning. In worst-case scenarios, a life jacket will keep you afloat until emergency services can respond. If an injury does occur, boating insurance may cover the medical bills.

Ensure Stable Communication

If a medical event or accident occurs, you’ll want to contact the authorities immediately. Having a waterproof smartphone is a great idea. If you use your boat in areas with poor reception, you should consider picking up a satellite phone. These phones communicate directly with satellites. After contacting authorities and rescue services, you may also want to contact your boating insurance provider.

Carry Boaters Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents and other emergencies can happen. You might not be at fault and may have done everything right. Still, if an accident or similar event occurs, you and your family could face significant medical costs, repair bills, legal cases, and more. It’s even possible that your family will end up in dire financial straits.

You can protect your family and mitigate risks by carrying the right boating insurance. Insurance is crucial for ensuring your family’s well-being.

Operating Your Boat Safely

Boats are, in many ways, more challenging to drive than cars. Waves, wind, and other hazards can sink boats and cause severe issues. The typical boat also needs more time to slow down than your average car. Exercising safe driving habits is crucial to reduce the risk of accidents.

You’ll want to ensure you’re covered by boating insurance if an accident occurs. Contact Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO, and other nearby areas to learn more about insurance.

What You should know about personal injury protection (PIP) insurance

Known as No-Fault Insurance, Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) helps cover certain expenses after a car crash. We at Front Range Insurance Services want our Littleton, CO clients to understand it and how it changes for Colorado residents.

What Does PIP Cover?

Personal Injury Protection coverage helps pay medical bills, compensates for work loss, helps with funeral costs, essential services, and replaces income for surviving dependents after a car accident. For some states, it is voluntary; for others, it is mandatory. Some states have no-fault conditions that apply.

What Doesn’t PIP Cover?

Personal Injury Protection insurance will not cover the other driver’s medical bills, property damage, accident injuries where you were paid to drive the vehicle, or injuries that happened while you committed a crime.

Current Role of PIP in Colorado

Up until 2003, Colorado was classified as a no-fault insurance state and could receive benefits from their insurance if they suffered an accident with injuries. Today, there is a shift to a tort-based system, which means that the victims are now required to get benefits from the driver at fault.

PIP insurance is no longer required in Colorado as it once was. While this means a decrease in some policy charges, it also means more paperwork should you be making a claim.

Med Pay in Colorado is close to what PIP insurance was and will help victims with limited expenses no matter who is at fault. Med Pay is Colorado’s answer to PIP.

Colorado Minimum Requirements

  • $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident bodily injury
  • $15,000 property damage liability
  • $5,000 MEDPAY (medical payment) coverage

Front Range Insurance Services are here for you if you have other questions on insurance services in the Littleton, CO area. Give us a call or come by the office today!

Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Fun With Recreation Insurance

Recreation, especially outdoor recreation, entails risks even if you play it safe. Here’s how to manage liability risks outdoors and still have fun.

No one wants to think about things like liability when they’re having fun in the great outdoors of Colorado. But trips can be dangerous and fun, and those dangers can bite the unwary. Front Range Insurance Services, serving Littleton, CO, can help you get the most out of your vacation while avoiding pitfalls.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings.

This is always one of the most important ways to take care of your responsibilities in the great outdoors and indoors. Awareness is good liability sense and ensures that your vacation won’t be interrupted by a dangerous and frightening trip to the hospital.

Safe tenting and vehicle parking is a must.

A parked vehicle in an unstable place can lead to dangerous situations and a talk with your insurance agent in a place that might have spotty cell reception. You want to avoid that. Park motorcycles and cars on hard-packed, level ground. In wild country, please choose an area to park with minimal brush, especially when it’s dry out, as it is so often.

Carry documentation of your insurance.

If you have recreation insurance covering your trip, ensure you have documentation of it in a safe, easy-to-find, waterproof pouch so that you always have it on hand. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to find it when you need it in an emergency – adrenaline has a way of blanking memory when it’s the least convenient.

Talk to Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO today about affordable recreation insurance for your next trip.