How much condo insurance do you need in Colorado?

Condominium insurance is unique in that it requires more assurance than the average renter’s indemnity policy but not as much coverage as you would find in a standard single-family home plan. Front Range Insurance Services can help you find the policy that is best for your condo in Littleton, CO.

You need dwelling coverage

Even though you have certain benefits through the housing association, there are still areas where you are left to your own devices when tragedy strikes. You may find yourself at a financial loss if you do not obtain dwelling coverage that pays for interior repairs in the instance of a flood or fire. It is best to have a policy worth at least 25 percent of the home to ensure the bare minimum of financial stability.

Personal property insurance is necessary

As with renter’s insurance, personal property coverage for your condo pays for items lost or stolen inside of the residence. It is especially keen for you to invest in this sort of plan when you have valuables that total upwards of $10,000. Those with large electronics, such as computers and big screen televisions, may also find this sort of policy useful.

Liability coverage is essential

Negligence is often not intentional but, nevertheless, costly. Whereas the property owner is responsible for injuries sustained on the property when you rent, you as a condo owner are financially responsible if a family member or friend is hurt while visiting you in your home. It is best to obtain liability coverage that is no less than $100,000. Many condo owners in Littleton, CO have policy limits for upwards of $300,000.

Front Range Insurance Services can make sure that you have the right indemnity plan. Contact them today for a quote!