Do I need boat insurance in Colorado?

While the Littleton, CO area may be known for being close to the mountains, which offers plenty of fun activities during the winter months, it is also a great place to live in the summer. During the warm months of the year, there are always plenty of places where you could enjoy your very own boat. When you are going to get a boat here, having proper boat insurance is important. There are a few reasons why you will need to have a boat insurance plan here. 

Insurance Protects Investment

A reason that you need to have a boat insurance plan is that it can protect your investment. Those that choose to buy a boat will want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. When you have a boat insurance plan, it will provide you with coverage if the boat is damaged or destroyed. This can help protect your investment and ensure you are able to repair or replace it.

Insurance Could be Local Requirement

In Colorado, there continues to be many places where you will be required to carry boat insurance to use certain marinas and waterways. These locations require it as it ensure you can pay for damages that you may cause in an accident. You may need to provide evidence of insurance coverage prior to use in these areas. 

If you would like to get a boat insurance plan when you are in the Littleton, CO area, it would be helpful to speak with someone that is experienced and that you can trust. The team with Front Range Insurance Services can help anyone assess their insurance needs. Front Range Insurance Services will be able to evaluate your situation and help you build a boat insurance plan that offers you the ideal protection. 

Should I get motorcycle insurance in Littleton?

In the Littleton, CO area, owning a motorcycle could be a lot of fun. These can be an efficient mode of transportation that you will be able to enjoy for much of the year. When you are going to purchase a motorcycle here, you will want to ensure that you have proper insurance in place at all times. There are a few different reasons why having motorcycle insurance is so important and needed in this area. 

Insurance is Needed to Ride Legally

A reason that you need to get motorcycle insurance when you are in Colorado is that it is needed to ride legally. If you would like to drive a motorcycle or any other vehicle in Colorado, you need to comply with the state laws about insurance. This includes having proper liability coverage at all times. Those without this motorcycle insurance could be in serious trouble if they are caught.

Insurance Needed to Protect Assets

You will also need to get motorcycle insurance in order to protect your assets. If you have a motorcycle here and do not have insurance coverage for it, you will be putting your entire investment in the asset at risk. Without a full motorcycle insurance policy, you would have to pay for repairs or full replacement costs if your motorcycle is damaged or stolen. This could be quite expensive in some situations.

Having a proper motorcycle insurance policy will always be an important necessity for people that are in the Littleton, CO area. The insurance professionals with Front Range Insurance Services can help you pick out an insurance policy. When you do call Front Range Insurance Services, you will get the insight that is needed to understand all of your needs and options, which will make picking the right policy a clearer choice. 

Why Colorado Residents Should Explore Recreational Insurance

Front Range Insurance Services helps Littleton, CO residents find the insurance coverage that they need to protect what matters most. As an independent agency, we will go the extra mile to make sure that our clients find the policies that they are looking for.

Benefits Of Recreational Insurance

If you own a recreational vehicle, it’s important that you protect your asset. Consider the benefits of recreational insurance. Recreational insurance will protect you if an accident happens while you are traveling around Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas. Recreational vehicles include campers, ATVs, trailers, and multiple sizes of motorhomes.

The policy provides protection if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. You can also amend your policy to cover your vehicle if you collide with an animal while you are traveling.

If you are traveling with others, liability coverage is an asset because you will be protected if someone gets injured. Liability coverage also protects you if you are held responsible for your recreational vehicle causing damage to someone else’s property. Keep in mind that you must add extra coverage if you plan to renovate your recreational vehicle or add some accessories. If you do not add extra coverage, you will not be protected if a natural disaster causes damage to your vehicle or if someone steals your camper or trailer.

During times when you are on vacation, add storage coverage so that you will be protected if a falling object damages your vehicle or a natural disaster happens in the area. The policy also covers your vehicle if you need emergency assistance due to your engine failing or a flat tire. You can also request towing services if necessary.

Consult With Front Range Insurance Services

Visit our website today to learn more information about recreational insurance.  

Boat safety tips while on your vacation

A day spent on the boat with your family and friends is refreshing. To achieve this, the safety of your family, as well as that of your boat is crucial. While it might not be entirely possible to control what happens on the water, you must be prepared for any eventuality. Buying a new boat or repairing one can be expensive. Please speak to Front Range Insurance Services agents in Littleton, CO, about boat insurance cover.

Boat safety tips while on vacation

  • Have a boat safety kit

Before going out for that ride, ensure your boat safety kit has all the essential items. These include a flashlight, first aid kit, a bucket, ropes, fire extinguisher, among others. Have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for all the members on board.

  • Check for harmful fumes.

Every time you fuel your boat, check if all the hatches have any smell of harmful fumes. Do not start the engine if you smell any fumes. Accumulation of carbon monoxide in your boat could lead to all the guests in the ship becoming unconscious. Here are a few areas you can find accumulated gas: blocked exhaust pipes or ventilated canvas enclosures.

  • Follow proper docking procedures.

Always follow the proper docking procedures while out on the water. When close to the shore, ensure that the bumpers are out to prevent damage to your boat. Have docking lines secured while moving at a slow speed.

  • Do not overload the boat.

Every boat has its capacity restrictions. Overloading the boat with people or equipment could imbalance it, leading to accidents.

  • Have a boat insurance cover

Boat accidents rarely occur. It is, however, crucial that you protect your boat in case of unprecedented events. A boat insurance cover will protect you against financial loss if the boat is damaged or needs repairs. Your medical expenses are also covered if you experience an accident. At Front Range Insurance Services agents in Littleton, CO, we will customize a boat insurance policy that meets your needs. Please feel free to visit our website or give us a call for more information.

Is Your Vehicle Protected Against Disasters?

With natural disasters on the rise, it only makes sense to protect your assets with insurance. This includes your vehicle. The right auto insurance coverage can protect your vehicle against disaster damage or total loss. Here’s how auto insurance from Front Range Insurance Services works to safeguard your vehicle against disasters in Littleton, CO.

Types of Coverage

Auto insurance offers various types of coverage to include liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist. Liability coverage protects other drivers in accidents you cause. Collision insurance covers damage to your car caused by a collision. Uninsured motorist insurance covers damage caused by uninsured drivers.

Comprehensive insurance covers theft, vandalism, and damage caused by falling objects. Comprehensive also protects your vehicle against natural disasters.   

Types of Disasters Covered by Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to theft and vandalism, comprehensive insurance offers your vehicle valuable protection against natural disasters. This includes damage caused by floods, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, hailstorms, and earthquakes, up to the limits of your policy.

If you own an expensive car, you can greatly benefit from the disaster damage protection that comprehensive insurance can provide. For optimal protection, make sure you get sufficient comprehensive insurance to cover the value of your car. You should also review any restrictions that come with this coverage to ensure there are no problems when it comes time to make a claim.

Colorado is prone to many types of natural disasters to include flooding which can lead to landslides, wildfires, tornadoes, and winter storms that can lead to avalanches. If you live or travel frequently to areas where these disasters are likely to happen, you can be prepared for any eventuality with comprehensive coverage.

To learn more about auto insurance coverage and costs in Littleton, CO, contact Front Range Insurance Services today. We’re here to meet all your auto insurance needs.

Term Life or Whole Life Insurance – Which is Better for Me?

When it comes to choosing a life insurance policy, it can generally boil down to two choices – term life and whole life. Term life, as the name implies, is only valid for a period of years – typically 15 or 20. What this means is that if you purchase a $1 Million 20-year term life policy than if after those 20 years you are still living the policy is no longer active. Conversely, whole life offers the benefit of being active for the remainder of your life or as long as the policy premium is paid. Additionally, whole life insurance also has an investment component that allows you to earn a little bit of interest every year of the policy. Any gains you accumulate are tax-deferred and you’ll have the opportunity to take a loan from the accumulated funds. Some whole life insurance policies pay an annual dividend so be sure to ask your insurance agency if that is an option you want to have. 

When it comes to choosing between the two, term life is going to be less expensive because it is only valid for a certain period of time and does not have a cash value that allows for borrowing. Whole life insurance will be costlier but the coverage lasts for your entire lifetime and has a guaranteed rate of return on a portion of the policy premium that you pay annually. 

At Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO, we understand that choosing a life insurance policy can be a difficult and emotional decision. That’s why our friendly and professional staff is always ready to answer your questions and walk you through the decision making process. We encourage you to give us a call so we can walk you through all your life insurance options and help you choose the policy that best protects your loved ones. 

What is the benefit of getting commercial insurance for my Colorado business?

Littleton, CO is a community located near Denver that offers a lot of opportunities to residents and business owners. Those that open a business here and are willing to work hard could do quite well. Anyone that is going to start a business here should carefully consider their insurance needs. There are many benefits that are provided by commercial insurance. 

Protects Business for Liability

Any business owner is going to take on liability risk. If you have a customer that gets hurt or sick through the use of your product or service, you could be found liable and will need to pay for the damages that the person incurs. Fortunately, you can protect against this risk by getting a commercial insurance policy. When you invest in a quality commercial insurance policy, you are going to receive a certain level of liability insurance coverage.

Protects Business Assets

A business that invests in inventory, equipment, and other assets needs to make sure that they are protecting this investment. The most efficient way that you can do this is by getting the right insurance coverage. When you get a full commercial insurance policy for your company, you are going to receive coverage up to a certain point and level for your business assets. 

When you are shopping for commercial insurance in the Littleton, CO area, working with a team that you can trust and is experienced is very important. A great option to go to for your insurance needs is Front Range Insurance Services. When you speak with the team at Front Range Insurance Services you are going to receive the personalized support and guidance that you will need to find a policy that offers your company with the right type and level of coverage. 

First Time Homeowners: Colorado Edition

Whether you are a new resident to Colorado or been here for years, buying a home in the centennial state can be a unique process. Colorado has long been touted for its beautiful weather to include upwards of 300 days of sunshine and snow-capped mountains year-round, but what people might know – except for residents – is that the weather can wreak havoc throughout the year causing angst to many homeowners. Once you’ve found your perfect house, give Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO a call for any of your home insurance needs.

Tip #1: South and Southwest Facing Driveways

Unless you want to be shoveling or plowing snow for hours, it is best to find a home with a driveway that faces South or Southwest so that the sun keeps it in check and melts most of the snow. Depending on where you live, your homeowner’s association may be responsible for plowing your street – not the city – so it can take hours for it to be done or the street might never be plowed. 

Tip #2: Hail Damage Coverage

Hail is notorious for damaging everything from cars to homes in Colorado with the typical season lasting from April through the summer. Consequently, don’t skimp on a homeowner’s insurance policy that doesn’t include hail because at some point fixing damage from hail will be a reality. At Front Range Insurance Services in Littleton, CO, we specialize in home insurance and will work to be sure that you are completely satisfied with the selected policy. 

Tip #3: Know Your Financing Options

With interest rates at an all-time low, there has never been a better time to get a mortgage but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comparison shop for the best rates. Additionally, if you are a veteran you are eligible for specialized programs that offer reduced down payments along with the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority which specializes in getting any income level individuals into a home.

Who needs to get auto insurance?

When you are in the Littleton, CO area, owning a car is a good idea as it will make it easier for you to get around town. When you are in the market for a new car, it is important that you carefully consider all of your insurance needs as well. There are several situations when someone will need to get a full auto insurance policy to properly protect themselves and their vehicle.

When Pledging Car as Collateral

One situation when you need to have an auto insurance policy in the Littleton, CO area is when you are going to pledge your car as collateral. For a lot of people, the high cost that comes with buying a car requires that they take out a loan to finance it. If you do have a car loan, the lender will take a lien on the car and will require that you have auto insurance at all times to protect their collateral.

When Driving on Public Roads

A car owner is going to be required to carry auto insurance when they take their car out onto a public road. If you do drive a car in Colorado, you are obligated by state law to carry liability insurance. When you have this coverage, it will ensure you are able to pay for damages that you cause in an accident. Those that don’t have it will be in violation of state law.

As you are searching for a new auto insurance policy, it is always a good idea to work with a professional that you can trust. One company that can help you to get into a great auto insurance policy is Front Range Insurance Services. When you work with Front Range Insurance Services to choose an insurance policy, you are going to receive the guidance and support that you need to choose a great policy. 

Is Umbrella Insurance Right For Me?

There are all kinds of insurance policy options out there. Some of these policies are decided to protecting one specific piece of property or vehicle, while other forms of insurance offer a more blanket form of protection. This is where umbrella insurance comes in. Umbrella insurance isn’t necessary for everyone, but it does offer additional liability protection for you and what you own. If you live in greater Littleton, CO out staff here at Front Range Insurance Services is here to assist you in finding the right umbrella insurance coverage if it is something you’re interested in. 

Do You Own A Home or Condo?

If you don’t own where you live you may not need umbrella insurance. Instead, it might be better for you to add specific protection to what you do own. However, umbrella insurance can be extremely valuable when you own your property. If a fire starts in your home and spreads to your neighbors, umbrella insurance can help you cover this. Or if someone slips on your sidewalk and files a lawsuit, your umbrella insurance will help you pay for the attorneys and other legal fees. This is extremely expensive out of pocket, which is why umbrella insurance is valuable. 

Go The Extra Mile With Added Liability Protection

Umbrella insurance will offer you and what you own additional liability protection. Of course, this kind of insurance is perfect for some individuals, while it may not be right for others. If you want to know about umbrella insurance and if you are a prime candidate for it, now is the time to give our staff here at Front Range Insurance Services a call. Our staff is ready and waiting to help you protect your Littleton, CO home, auto, and other investments you own.