Liability for Commercial Insurance: Why It’s Critical

Are you struggling to understand your liability coverage and why it is essential for your commercial insurance in Littleton, CO? If so, you aren’t alone. We at Front Range Insurance Services have helped many businesses like yours learn what they need to know about this type of insurance policy and how it can help you stay solvent.

How Liability Helps Businesses Avoid Problems 

Over the years, liability has become an essential part of most commercial insurance policies. This coverage option helps minimize various legal troubles and financial concerns by creating a comprehensive level of coverage for multiple issues. Just a few of the most common ways that liability insurance protects businesses like yours includes policy coverage options for: 

  • Bodily injuries suffered in your facility and caused by some neglect in your company 
  • Injury or financial loss caused by the failure of a service or one of your products 
  • Potential slander or libel claims by someone affected by one of your advertisements 
  • Damages caused by one of your drivers or delivery people during a standard delivery 

Each liability option will have a natural limit that you need to set with your insurance company to provide yourself with the highest level of possible protection. Talk with your agent about the extent of your business, how much you need to pay to protect yourself from this problem, and the various options available for you and your business’s operation. 

Find a Policy That Works 

Do you need high-quality liability help for your Littleton, CO business? If so, please contact us at Front Range Insurance Services to learn more. Our team will set you up with a policy that makes sense for your needs and will work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with what we have to offer you.

Most Overlooked Basics about Home Insurance

When thinking about building or purchasing your Littleton, CO home, homeowner’s insurance is something that should be at the back of your mind. When you buy home insurance from Front Range Insurance Services, it protects your dwelling and personal assets, provides liability protection and covers loss of use. While home insurance is an indispensable investment in your homeownership journey, here are the most overlooked basics about home insurance.

Ignoring these basics can land you in trouble when disaster strikes.  

Failing to review your home insurance plan

For many homeowners, what matters most is faithfully renewing their home insurance annually. While this is superb, there might be a problem when filing a claim. You will probably realize that your home insurance doesn’t cover certain aspects of your home that may have cropped up over the years.

As a rule of thumb, it’s pivotal to update your home insurance at least every year. Here are some triggers to help you know it’s time to review your home insurance. You should update your home insurance when you:

  • Add a family member or pet
  • Start a home-based business
  • Undertake significant renovations
  • Purchase or dispose of your assets

Failing to read your policy

Your policy document contains all the nitty-gritty of your home insurance coverage. Unfortunately, many policyholders are quick to sign the dotted line without understanding the details in the fine print. While we all don’t like reading the cliché terms and conditions label, your policy shouldn’t be a document to ignore. It can end up in tears when filing a claim when you find out that you aren’t covered.

Failing to update your inventory list

Most people undervalue their assets and, as such, don’t see the need to insure them. This might be catastrophic when disasters strike. If you want to see how valuable your assets are, conduct a room from room inventory count, and it will surprise you how much you own. 

Would you like more information about home insurance in Littleton, CO? Please contact Front Range Insurance Services. Our agents will be more than willing to answer any questions you might have. 

Importance of Auto Insurance Coverage

While numerous drivers within Littleton, CO sign up for auto insurance due to state requirements, legal compliance is not the only benefit of getting this coverage. Like other policies, auto insurance offers significant benefits, with Front Range Insurance Services discussing the importance of getting auto insurance coverage. 

Protects You and Other Parties

Auto insurance comes with multiple policies, with examples of this being bodily injury liability, collision coverage, and medical payment coverage. If an accident happens, each takes care of different scenarios, with the essential coverage features paying for 3rd party injuries, your injuries, and that of your passengers. With this in mind, auto insurance ensures that parties involved in an accident are taken care of, providing compensation for the ensuing treatment costs.

Protects Your Financial Assets

When you cause an accident and you are sued for injuries or destruction caused, you are likely to pay for damages, a factor that could result in financial turmoil. Auto insurance protects you against such events and will pay your legal fees and compensation awarded when you are found liable for accidents. This leaves your assets secure, keeping them protected when you incur significant damage and injury costs.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Mistakes are a common occurrence for every individual, whether you are at home or on the road. Rather than let life pass you by at the comfort of your home due to worry, auto insurance comes with the assurance that you are protected if you cause an accident or other motorists cause you harm. This means you can drive to your preferred destinations without fear, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

Provides Compensation for Physical Damage

Property damage will often be a component of an accident, resulting in vehicle repair costs or replacement expenses. Auto coverage can help pay for these costs, protecting you from incurring any out-of-pocket expenses.

To get auto insurance with the above benefits, make it a point to call Front Range Insurance Services today for customized policies within Littleton, CO.

When is recreational insurance needed in Colorado?

The Littleton, CO area continues to be a great place to live. While you have access to a major city and metro area, there are also many nearby recreational activities that you can enjoy. One way to maximize your experience is by investing in a recreational toy. If you would like to get a recreational asset, having a recreational insurance plan should be considered a necessity for a few different reasons. 

When Financing Asset with a Loan

A situation when you will want to have recreational insurance is when you have taken out a loan. A recreational toy and asset can be expensive and there are some financing options available. If you have taken out a loan to buy one, the lender will want to know that the asset is protected until you have paid off the balance. A lender will likely have specific coverage levels that should be maintained.

When Trying to Protect Yourself

You should also get a recreational insurance plan when you want to protect yourself. Those that buy and use a recreational asset will take on liability risk whenever they take it out. If you cause any form of damage through the use of it, you will need to cover the damages. With a full recreational insurance plan, you are going to get the coverage you need to mitigate this risk. 

Anyone that would like to have a recreational insurance plan when in the Littleton, CO area will want to speak with someone that is experienced. As you are looking for coverage in this area, you should speak with Front Range Insurance Services. There are a lot of choices that are made when picking an insurance plan. The team with Front Range Insurance Services gives support that will help you understand your options and build an appropriate plan. 

3 facts about flood insurance every homeowner in Littleton, CO should know

Three facts about flood insurance every homeowner in Littleton, CO should know

Did you know that flooding has been categorized as the no.1 natural disaster in the US?  Floods are chaotic and have no boundaries, affecting every state, including Littleton, CO. They destroy homes, displace families, and devastate communities.  Experts at Front Range Insurance Services advise residents to buy flood insurance even if their home is not marked as a high-risk flood area.  It’s also essential to understand how flood insurance works and learn some facts to help protect your home. Here are three main facts you should know:

 #Fact1: Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover floods

Home insurance covers water damage but not flood water damage. Damage caused by broken tap or frozen pipes can be covered under home insurance. Homeowners have to purchase flood insurance separately. Depending on where you live, your mortgage lender may also require you to have flood insurance.

#Fact2: Everyone lives in a flood zone

Floods are destructive—an inch of water is enough to cause property damage worth millions. That’s why every home or property owner in Littleton, CO needs to buy enough flood insurance. People who live in high-risk flood areas will pay more for flood insurance compared to people living in moderate and low-risk flood areas. However, there are specific measures every homeowner can take to prevent floods, like installing flood sensors, brick covers, and floorboards to keep floodwater out of your home.

#Fact3: Flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period

If you wait till floods hit your home to buy flood insurance, you will lose more than you thought you were saving.  Flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period where a policyholder cannot file a claim until the 30 days are complete. If flooding occurred during the waiting period, you cannot file a claim.

Need help buying flood insurance? Our dedicated insurance professionals at Front Range Insurance Services are here to help you find a policy that takes care of all your needs. Call us for a chat today!

What Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

If you’re planning your next adventure or getaway, but you want to make sure you’re covered and protected, you may want to consider recreational insurance. That way your RV and other toys won’t be a worry while you’re using them or when they’re parked for a little while during other activities. If you’re in the Littleton, CO area, Front Range Insurance Services can help you get the insurance you need for recreational vehicles of all types. Then you can have peace of mind, instead of worrying about your coverage or whether you have all the protection your vehicles really need.

This type of insurance can cover your RV, along with other types of recreational vehicles such as ATVs, side-by-sides, and more. You don’t have to settle for uninsured vehicles that you take out into the wilderness where something could happen to them. They could become damaged, or even be stolen. Naturally, those are problems you really want to avoid. Sometimes, though, issues appear even if you’re doing your best to avoid them. That’s why it’s so important to have good coverage, so you won’t spend any time worrying about proper coverage for the vehicles you want to enjoy.

Reach out to us today at Front Range Insurance Services if you’re in the Littleton, CO area and need recreational insurance. We can help you find the policy that’s right for your lifestyle and the adventures you want to have. Whether you have one type of recreational vehicle or several different ones you need to cover, our trained and dedicated agents are here to make things easier for you. We can answer your questions and help ensure you understand all your coverage options, giving you the opportunity to make an informed choice with the policy that will protect your recreational vehicles for the future.

Do I need boat insurance in Colorado?

While the Littleton, CO area may be known for being close to the mountains, which offers plenty of fun activities during the winter months, it is also a great place to live in the summer. During the warm months of the year, there are always plenty of places where you could enjoy your very own boat. When you are going to get a boat here, having proper boat insurance is important. There are a few reasons why you will need to have a boat insurance plan here. 

Insurance Protects Investment

A reason that you need to have a boat insurance plan is that it can protect your investment. Those that choose to buy a boat will want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. When you have a boat insurance plan, it will provide you with coverage if the boat is damaged or destroyed. This can help protect your investment and ensure you are able to repair or replace it.

Insurance Could be Local Requirement

In Colorado, there continues to be many places where you will be required to carry boat insurance to use certain marinas and waterways. These locations require it as it ensure you can pay for damages that you may cause in an accident. You may need to provide evidence of insurance coverage prior to use in these areas. 

If you would like to get a boat insurance plan when you are in the Littleton, CO area, it would be helpful to speak with someone that is experienced and that you can trust. The team with Front Range Insurance Services can help anyone assess their insurance needs. Front Range Insurance Services will be able to evaluate your situation and help you build a boat insurance plan that offers you the ideal protection. 

Should I get motorcycle insurance in Littleton?

In the Littleton, CO area, owning a motorcycle could be a lot of fun. These can be an efficient mode of transportation that you will be able to enjoy for much of the year. When you are going to purchase a motorcycle here, you will want to ensure that you have proper insurance in place at all times. There are a few different reasons why having motorcycle insurance is so important and needed in this area. 

Insurance is Needed to Ride Legally

A reason that you need to get motorcycle insurance when you are in Colorado is that it is needed to ride legally. If you would like to drive a motorcycle or any other vehicle in Colorado, you need to comply with the state laws about insurance. This includes having proper liability coverage at all times. Those without this motorcycle insurance could be in serious trouble if they are caught.

Insurance Needed to Protect Assets

You will also need to get motorcycle insurance in order to protect your assets. If you have a motorcycle here and do not have insurance coverage for it, you will be putting your entire investment in the asset at risk. Without a full motorcycle insurance policy, you would have to pay for repairs or full replacement costs if your motorcycle is damaged or stolen. This could be quite expensive in some situations.

Having a proper motorcycle insurance policy will always be an important necessity for people that are in the Littleton, CO area. The insurance professionals with Front Range Insurance Services can help you pick out an insurance policy. When you do call Front Range Insurance Services, you will get the insight that is needed to understand all of your needs and options, which will make picking the right policy a clearer choice. 

Why Colorado Residents Should Explore Recreational Insurance

Front Range Insurance Services helps Littleton, CO residents find the insurance coverage that they need to protect what matters most. As an independent agency, we will go the extra mile to make sure that our clients find the policies that they are looking for.

Benefits Of Recreational Insurance

If you own a recreational vehicle, it’s important that you protect your asset. Consider the benefits of recreational insurance. Recreational insurance will protect you if an accident happens while you are traveling around Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas. Recreational vehicles include campers, ATVs, trailers, and multiple sizes of motorhomes.

The policy provides protection if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. You can also amend your policy to cover your vehicle if you collide with an animal while you are traveling.

If you are traveling with others, liability coverage is an asset because you will be protected if someone gets injured. Liability coverage also protects you if you are held responsible for your recreational vehicle causing damage to someone else’s property. Keep in mind that you must add extra coverage if you plan to renovate your recreational vehicle or add some accessories. If you do not add extra coverage, you will not be protected if a natural disaster causes damage to your vehicle or if someone steals your camper or trailer.

During times when you are on vacation, add storage coverage so that you will be protected if a falling object damages your vehicle or a natural disaster happens in the area. The policy also covers your vehicle if you need emergency assistance due to your engine failing or a flat tire. You can also request towing services if necessary.

Consult With Front Range Insurance Services

Visit our website today to learn more information about recreational insurance.  

Boat safety tips while on your vacation

A day spent on the boat with your family and friends is refreshing. To achieve this, the safety of your family, as well as that of your boat is crucial. While it might not be entirely possible to control what happens on the water, you must be prepared for any eventuality. Buying a new boat or repairing one can be expensive. Please speak to Front Range Insurance Services agents in Littleton, CO, about boat insurance cover.

Boat safety tips while on vacation

  • Have a boat safety kit

Before going out for that ride, ensure your boat safety kit has all the essential items. These include a flashlight, first aid kit, a bucket, ropes, fire extinguisher, among others. Have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for all the members on board.

  • Check for harmful fumes.

Every time you fuel your boat, check if all the hatches have any smell of harmful fumes. Do not start the engine if you smell any fumes. Accumulation of carbon monoxide in your boat could lead to all the guests in the ship becoming unconscious. Here are a few areas you can find accumulated gas: blocked exhaust pipes or ventilated canvas enclosures.

  • Follow proper docking procedures.

Always follow the proper docking procedures while out on the water. When close to the shore, ensure that the bumpers are out to prevent damage to your boat. Have docking lines secured while moving at a slow speed.

  • Do not overload the boat.

Every boat has its capacity restrictions. Overloading the boat with people or equipment could imbalance it, leading to accidents.

  • Have a boat insurance cover

Boat accidents rarely occur. It is, however, crucial that you protect your boat in case of unprecedented events. A boat insurance cover will protect you against financial loss if the boat is damaged or needs repairs. Your medical expenses are also covered if you experience an accident. At Front Range Insurance Services agents in Littleton, CO, we will customize a boat insurance policy that meets your needs. Please feel free to visit our website or give us a call for more information.