Optional add-ons to a Littleton, CO recreational insurance policy

Your RV is special to you. Your recreational insurance should be just as personalized.

Most recreational insurance policies include similar features. Collision, liability, and personal property protection are all typically standard. However, you can customize these plans to suit your needs.

Front Range Insurance Services wants to help keep you on the road by finding you an individualized, personal plan. Serving Littleton, CO, the agency wheels out five common optional coverage types you can add on to any recreational insurance.

Roadside assistance

If a breakdown does occur, towing an RV is much more difficult than a traditional car. For this reason, roadside assistance can be invaluable. This coverage can also help with smaller issues, like fixing flat tires and locksmith services.

Emergency expenses

Similarly, you may incur some increased costs if you get stranded. Emergency expense policies will reimburse you for these. This could include meals, hotels, and additional travel.

Personal attachment protection

Personal property coverage is typical in most recreational insurance policies, protecting belongings inside the vehicle. By contrast, personal attachment addresses personal items outside the RV, such as awnings and satellite dishes.

Storage coverage

Make sure you’re covered even when your RV isn’t in use. This isn’t often necessary for full-timers. The policies mostly affect owners who use their RV for vacations only.

Residential liability

Accidents can occur when you’re stopped too. This version of liability specifically accounts for any incidents that may happen while you’re stationary or stopped at a destination. Available in recreational or full-time coverage, this kicks in if you are determined to be at fault.

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