Why Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is like any other insurance that protects you against loss after an unfortunate event. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the need for motorcycle insurance until an accident occurs — and the results are dire. If you are a bike rider, it’s essential to know that motorcycle insurance is something you are not only required to carry but is beneficial to you. We want to shed some light on why you need motorcycle insurance at Front Range Insurance Services.

Compliance with the law

The Colorado law requires you to carry at least a minimum of liability coverage before you ride on your motorbike. Failure to have motorcycle insurance means you risk hefty penalties, including fines or license suspension. Mandatory requirement is probably the obvious reason why most people have motorcycle insurance.

Protects you from liabilities

Riding a bike is fun but has its fair share of risks. No matter how careful you may be, accidents are likely to happen, especially if you ride often. The damage and injuries to a third party may be dire and attract thousands of dollars. That’s why you need motorcycle insurance to handle these expenses.

Property damage

Your bike is an investment that does not come cheap. In the case of an accident, repairs may cost thousands of dollars, which may take time to fix if you don’t have finances. However, motorcycle insurance gets your bike repaired quickly.

Covers your injuries

With the right coverage, your medical insurance covers your hospital expenses regardless of who is at fault. Medical expenses can pile up so quickly and could cost you a pretty significant amount.

Motorcycle insurance in Littleton, CO

There are so many reasons why you need motorcycle insurance. Even for your peace of mind is enough reason to purchase one. Are you looking for motorcycle insurance in the Littleton, CO, area? Contact Front Range Insurance Services for a quote.